Wednesday 15 March 2017

Podcasts of T Watkins KougaFM radio show

Trevor Watkins hosts a weekly radio show on community radio station KougaFM 97.8 every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm.

You can listen to the show live on your desktop or laptop at If you signup on the site you can comment live on the show, and follow it to receive future notifications.

You can also download the mixlr app using Google Play on your smartphone, search for "kfmoutsidethebox" and listen and comment via your cellphone.

You can phone in to the show on 042 291 0003 or 083 4411 721, or whatsapp or sms to 083 4411 721.  You can send emails to Also live streaming at .

Podcasts of the show may be downloaded from the following links. (Unfortunately, audio recordings are only available from 14th March 2017 onwards)

28th November 2017 - Farewell and wrap (audio)

21st November 2017 - Incentives (audio) (Program plan)  (parts missing)

14th November 2017 - Weird legal systems (audio) (Program plan)

7th November 2017 - Consistency (audio) (Program plan) (Sound quality bad, parts missing)

31st October 2017 - Superstition (audio) (Program plan)

24th October 2017 - Honesty(audio) (Program plan)

17th October 2017 - Free cities (audio) (Program plan)

10th October 2017 - Project Shishini (audio) (Program plan)

3rd October 2017 - Laws to obey (audio) (Program plan)

26th September 2017 - SA The Solution (audio) (Program plan)

19th September 2017 - Bitcoin  (audio) (Program plan)

12th September 2017 - Elon Musk  (audio) (Program plan)

5th September 2017 - The People  (audio) (Program plan)

29th August 2017 - Anarchy  (audio) (Program plan)

22nd August 2017 - Fun, pleasure, joy,sex  (audio) (unscripted)

15th August 2017 - The iniquity of inequality  (audio) (Program plan)

1st August 2017 - Minimum wage, maximum harm  (audio) (Program plan)

25th July 2017 - The sense of doubt.  (audio) (Program plan)

18th July 2017 - Objective morality.  (audio) (Program plan)

11th July 2017 - Gangs.  (audio) (Program plan)

27th June 2017 - Love, beauty, grace.  (audio) (Unscripted)

20th June 2017 - Liberty insurance.  (audio) (Program plan)

13th June 2017 - Post truth.  (audio) (Program plan)

6th June 2017 - Entrepreneurs.  (audio) (Program plan)

16th May 2017 - Globalism.  (audio) (Program plan)

9th May 2017 - Conspiracy Theories.  (audio) (Program plan)

2nd May 2017 - Education in SA.  (audio) (Program plan)

25th April 2017 - Freedom of Speech.  (audio) (Program plan)

18th April 2017 - Global Warming.  (audio) (Program plan)

11th April 2017 - Me vs We. The individual vs the community (audio) (Program plan)

4th April 2017 - Walking dead / Wolf of Wall Street (audio) (Program plan)

28th March 2017 - What is the good? (audio) (Program plan)

21st March 2017 - What is the responsibility of government? (audio)  (Program plan)

21st March 2017 - Partial interview with Dylan Watkins. (audio)

14th March 2017 - Should drugs be illegal? (audio)  (Program plan)

7th March 2017 - The Consent Axiom. (Program plan)

28th February 2017 - Unemployment (Program plan)

21st February 2017 - Outside the box ideas (Program plan)

7th February 2017 - Thyspunt (Program plan)

31st January 2017 - Poverty (Program plan)

24th January 2017 - Reality (Program plan)

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