Monday 19 March 2018

The Individualist Manifesto

I am a sovereign individual. 
I am a nation of one.

I expect others, individuals and nations, to:
  • Respect me, respect my independence
  • Request my consent
  • Recognise my property
  • Resolve disputes by jury 
I undertake to do the same for all others.

Respect my independence

I am the sole owner of myself. Just as nations respect each others sovereignty, so should individuals. No one else may make decisions on my behalf, no matter how well-intentioned.

Request my consent

Before taking any action which may physically affect me, I expect you to request and await my consent. If I do not consent you may not act against me. You may not initiate force against me.

Recognise my property

I expect you to recognise that my lawfully acquired property belongs to me alone. You may not take or use my property without my consent.

Resolve disputes by jury

Disputes will be resolved by a jury of peers selected by mutual agreement of both parties. A similar decision by three successive juries will be considered binding on all parties.


If you act in conflict with these principles, then I and others may act against you, like for like.


These are just 4 principles, much briefer than the 10 commandments. They are the basis for successful human cooperation. They describe how you wish to be treated, but do not predict how you will actually be treated by others.

Although brief and simple, the consequences of these principles are profound.

  • No one may take your life except you.
  • No one may decide what you eat or drink or wear or inject or do to yourself.
  • No one may tax you without your consent. Without taxation the nation state will wither away.
  • No one may impose regulations upon you without your consent.
  • No one may decide how you use your property unless it affects them directly.
  • You may defend yourself with vigor against anyone acting against you.
  • Disputes will be resolved by juries of your fellows, with up to three appeals.

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