Thursday 28 July 2022

Mzansi lament

It burns, oh how it burns This tyre, this kaia, this tragic fire That consumes my surly land

Incendiary words from a silken liar

Inflaming dull minds with evil desire

For riches never earned

Now all burned

Turn, turn my benighted brothers

Who learn nothing from others

Using matches for dispatches

From some backward front

Of a pointless war

Ashes and gashes, train smashes

Penny traitors, dumb waiters

Power breakers, power brokers

Okes versus wokes fighting

Over the dry bones

Of what might have been

Proudly We stand

on the bloody sand

of this empty land

Coughing and Starving

Begging and dying

Corrupt to the core

Catastrophe in store

Except for the evil cabal 

At the root of it all


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