Friday 14 October 2022

Guns, Gold, and Gangs

 How to survive in the sad South Africa

Trying to think about the future and not be sad.

Elon Musk

The future belongs to those who survive long enough to breed. If you don’t reproduce you are merely a momentary organic smear on the arc of history. Children are our purpose.

In the current sad South Africa, how do you survive long enough to see your children prosper?

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Breed early and breed often. 

  • Defend yourself and your offspring. 

  • Provide for their needs, by securing your wealth

  • Make strategic alliances (ie join a gang)

  • Educate yourself and your children

Breed early and breed often. 

A large part of our South African population has instinctively adopted this strategy, with stunning success. However they often fail miserably at providing for their offsprings’ needs, thus defeating their strategy and increasing the stock of human suffering.

Jews, Arabs, Chinese people have also adopted this strategy.

.Defend yourself and your offspring

A key  survival characteristic of mammals is that they protect their offspring. This is a deeply ingrained Instinct, particularly in the female of the species. 

In the deeply dangerous South African environment, how do you best defend yourself against the many threats? You cannot rely on the state or the police. In our current situation each individual and family is responsible for its own protection.

There are several strategies you can adopt:

  • physical security: walls, gates, barbed wire, locked doors, barred windows, electric fencing

  • electronic security: movement detectors, alarm systems, cameras, lasers

  • active security: guard dogs, human guards

  • personal security: guns, knives, sjamboks, pangas

In my opinion the ownership of a personal firearm is an absolutely critical component of any reliable security system. It helps to level the playing field,  encourages criminals to flee,  and vastly increases your options despite the many risks. It is no coincidence that employees of your security company or the police invariably show up to a crime scene with guns drawn. 

A Smith and Wesson always beats 5 aces.

Secure your wealth

It is a cold and brutal fact that if you are poor your chances of securing the future of your children are much reduced. All the love and attention in the world does not compensate for poor nutrition,  untreated ill-health,  awful education, Inadequate housing,  and a dangerous environment.

As we have seen in South Africa, state subsidies for children are grossly inadequate. If you do not have sufficient funds to guarantee the welfare and safety of your children,  you have pretty much failed them.  

But how do you secure and preserve your wealth? Taxation to pay for other people's children will take half of your assets.  Inflation will take another third.  Your only option is to invest in physical and scarce  assets such as gold  and possibly crypto-currencies.  Gold has been a reliable store of value  for thousands of years.  It is easily hidden and transported.  It is always welcome as a bribe.  It can be worn as jewellery and redeemed almost anywhere in the world. With suitable precautions it is immune  to both taxation and inflation.

For your children to enjoy a golden future,  you had better have some gold.

Join a gang 

A gang can be defined as a group of people coming together to protect their own interests.

When you find yourself in a dangerous or threatening situation it is always reassuring to know that someone has your back. Whether you are in prison, or on a school playground, or just trying to negotiate a dodgy suburb, it helps to be a member of a local group (gang) who will reliably come to your assistance.

Most respectable people  would never consider joining a gang.  But they are almost certainly a member of many gangs. . 

Here is a list of the gangs that many “respectable” people belong to:

  • Professional societies

    • Doctors.. lawyers. engineers. quantity surveyors, and so on

    • High class mafia

    • strict entry criteria, expensive fees

    • Restrict non-members from employment by force of law

    • highly restrictive trade practices

    • act mostly in the interests of members

    • require loyalty to a code

  • Mafias

    • Taxi Associations, construction mafias, Zama zamas (mining mafia), transport mafias

    • Lower class professional societies

    • frequently use deadly force against competitors

  • Political parties

    • Expect loyalty above principle

    • Expect free labour

    • Often corrupt

  • Unions

    • Working class professional societies

    • Exclude non-members by force of law

    • highly restrictive trade practices

    • act contrary to rule of law

  • Religions

    • Expect loyalty above principle

    • act mostly in the interests of members

    • require loyalty to a code

  • Sports clubs, social groups, motorcycle gangs, block watches, school boards

    • act mostly in the interests of members

    • charge a membership fee

    • often act against competition

  • Service companies

    • Automobile Association, Medical Aids, security companies, insurance companies

    • act mostly in the interests of members

    • charge a service fee

    • sometimes use force to protect members

    • ignore non-members

  • Government gangs

    • Police, army, inspectors, traffic cops, municipal officials

    • generally ignore the rule of law

    • levy fines and punishments on the public without consent

Pick your gangs carefully. Use them to protect your interests. But don’t think you are not a gang-member.

Educate yourself and your children

The cost of ignorance is so high I am amazed so many can afford it. 

To survive in a harsh landscape like the current South Africa, you must educate yourself and your offspring to a few realities:

  • You alone are responsible for your survival and prosperity

  • There is no cavalry, and they are not coming

  • Outside your family, most people care about you as much as you care about them

  • Education does not erode, knowledge does not devalue, skills are forever

  • The truth is personal. Do not borrow it from others

  • Nobody is too poor or too stupid to learn from life

Dont be stupid.


Our Children are our purpose. Creating them and caring for them to maturity is the ultimate responsibility, the reason for your existence. Wealth, power, influence are all meaningless if there is no one to watch, no one who cares. South Africa’s greatest sin is that it puts the future of its children at risk. To survive as a species we must adopt strategies that ensure the survival of our children. 

Amongst other strategies, I recommend that you own a gun, join a gang and buy gold.

Trevor Watkins 11/10/2022

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