Tuesday 15 November 2022

What is the Individualist Movement Discord server?

The Individualist Movement Discord server gives a home and a voice to those individuals who agree with these ideas. The purpose is  to provide an online venue for thoughtful discussion about the major issues of the day from an individualist and libertarian perspective, as well as a place to hangout, read interesting viewpoints, chat with friends, participate in meetings. 

Think of it as the electronic version of your local pub. 


You are an individual, a nation of one, a unique and wonderful piece of the grand design. You are worthy of respect. Your consent is important. Your property is yours. No one should act against you without your permission.

This is the basis of the Individualist Movement. 

Regrettably, these truths are not self-evident. The forces of collectivism are everywhere in the world, and will triumph if not resisted. This is a war for the hearts and minds of individuals, to be fought with ideas, information and evidence. 

Bad ideas flourish when good ideas are absent. Ideas are only made real when they are written down and shared. The adoption of new ideas by the broader public depends on the accessibility, the appeal and the simplicity of these new thoughts.


The Individualist Movement (IM) was established in June 2018 as a more structured successor to the Libertarian Society. The IM has a website at www.individualist.one and a blog at www.libertarian.org.za and a whatapp group called Libertarians Group. In 2022 I setup a Slack channel, but Slack proved difficult to install, and has since been replaced by  the Individualist Movement Discord server. 

Discord advantages

  • Discord gives you the ability to get personal with your like-minded community members rather than spamming links at them. 

  • Discord allows unlimited text channels (similar to whatsapp), but with good threading facilities.

  • It has forum channels which facilitate long form debates. 

  • It supports instant messaging, voice channels and good searching.

  • It is quick and easy to install on all platforms.

Using Discord

  1. Rather than wading through a river of often unrelated messages, you can choose the topics that interest you and focus on the subject at hand.

  2. You can group channels into categories to further structure discussions.

  3. If you don’t find a topic that interests you, you can add your own.

  4. You can reply to comments sequentially (like whatsapp) or you can establish a new thread from a comment where you and others engage.

  5. You can attach images and documents to comments, and use limited text formatting. 

  6. You can enliven comments with emojis, gifs and stickers.

  7. You can easily browse other Discord servers of interest, and add them to your menu.

  8. You can even add a new server of your own if the mood takes you.


You have hundreds of social media apps, podcasts, news sources to choose from. Why add one more? 

  1. If you are a South African individualist or libertarian, then this server is tightly focussed on your interests.

  2. You will interact with old and new friends.

  3. It is a safe and secure environment. You won’t be judged for your views by people with nothing in common. You won’t be cancelled or doxed.

  4. You can express your opinions for the benefit of others, and posterity. 

  5. You will see notices of forthcoming events, movement news, projects and initiatives.

  6. You will help promote the ideas of freedom in a collectivist and woke world.


How will history remember you? Is your opinion just hearsay? Is the evidence of your existence uncertain?

If it's not recorded, its rumour. History belongs to the writers, not the victors.

The Individualist Movement Discord server gives you a simple and safe place to record your opinions and to read those of others, in a structured and thoughtful way. Become part of the conversation.  It's free.

To join go to  https://discord.gg/HfnHbNbjgP on either your cell or laptop browser and follow the prompts.

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