Wednesday 18 January 2023

Insane past, vengeful future

If 2020 was shocking, and 2021 was horrific, then 2022 can be summed up in a single word - insane. 


  • The world descended into wokery like the 16th century descended into witchcraft.  The incidents may have been isolated but their impact was unreasonably large. We looked in the mirror of social media and discovered that we are grotesque.

  • Australia ruined its reputation for decades with its shameful treatment of Novak Djokovic, whose refusal to be vaccinated has been vindicated by a 1000 unexpected athlete deaths. Images of Ozzie police manhandling a young pregnant woman in her home will endure for many years.

  • Justin “Castro” Trudeau  besmirched Canada’s image beyond repair with his handling of the truckers protest and brutal covid tactics. 

  • “Saint” Jacinda Ardern’s zero covid policy was as fatally flawed as China’s. Her “we are the only source of truth” comment put her up there alongside Fauci in the failed megalomaniac stakes.

  • Our worst fears about state intervention in the media turned out to be true, courtesy of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

  • The US January 6th enquiry revealed the range and reach of state surveillance of citizens, and the blue team’s lust for revenge.

  • In the US midterms the “Red wave” turned into a ruddy trickle, a Trumpian nightmare.

  • Under Biden and the blue team the alphabet agencies failed miserably (CDC,FDA,  NIH, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, WHO, Fed)

  • The “safe and effective” mRna vaccines stand as a ghastly monument to an estimated 750,000 vaccine related deaths worldwide, with no end in sight

  • Global warming activists became glueball harming lunatics in a desperate attempt to remain relevant, but are now widely dismissed as the real tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists. 

  • Rasputin’s evil twin, DisPutin, finally made his play for immortal infamy on 24th February. A world that we thought could not possibly get stupider, got stupider. In the 2nd month of the 2nd year of the second decade of the 21st century Europeans went back to beating each other to death as a means of settling a virtually meaningless border dispute. Words fail everyone.

  • The James Webb telescope went live in July, allowing scientists to see millions of light years into space. Meanwhile back on earth many scientists still cannot distinguish their covid ass from their global warming elbow.

  • Britain got a new Liz, lost an old one, then 50 days later lost the new one. In the home of democracy, Fishy Rishi Sunak became supreme leader without winning a single vote, impressing even Putin.

  • FTX collapses, bitcoin prices collapse, sales of cargo shorts collapse as Sam Bankman-Fried is finally forced to wear big-boy pants.

  • Having made more money than anyone else on earth, Elon Musk proceeds to lose more money than anyone else on earth

  • Eskom extinguishes any faint glimmer of hope for the South African economy

  • A well-capitalised new banking startup called Ramaphosa’s Sofa has the stuffing knocked out of it. 


2023 will be a year of angry schadenfreude and bitter reckoning for our WEF inspired dear leaders. In 2022 the four horsemen of the apocalypse had their way with us. In 2023 a pale rider will summon up four great reckonings:

  • Responsibility for covid vaccine injuries

  • The cost of green energy policies

  • Debt crisis, inflation and currency collapse

  • Russian collapse following defeats in Ukraine

It's not all doom and gloom:

  • Starship will blast into orbit, albeit with many problems

  • Following the launch of the Tesla cybertruck, Tesla’s share price recovers.

  • Bitcoin begins a steady rise

  • Widespread rioting in China

  • Following revelations in congress, Pfizer files for bankruptcy.

  • Following Eskom grid collapse and non-payment of Sassa grants, widespread rioting across South Africa leads to Cape provincial government approval for a secession referendum

  • Biden’s health deteriorates sharply.

  • Food and energy shortages in the west result in a healthier population

If you can survive, it is, as always, an interesting ride.

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