Friday 22 March 2024

What is freedom?

Trevor Watkins 22/3/24

What is freedom for me? As a long time advocate of the freedom philosophy, it is important for me to have a clear and unambiguous answer.  

Freedom is the opportunity to think, talk and act on my choices in pursuit of the “good”, within certain constraints. Freedom is limited by harm or the threat of harm. Freedom without limits is Licence. Freedom without practical constraints is futile.

What is the “good” is a matter of extended philosophical debate, from Plato, Marcus Aurelius, Epicuris and many others, including me.  It is not necessarily that which benefits you, or pleases you or society. It varies widely from person to person. Most people can barely articulate it. But it is what gives your life meaning. It is your most important value.

Here is a partial list of what many describe as their “good”:

Love, pleasure, kindness, courage, wisdom, knowledge, free time, truth, humility, chastity, wealth, health, happiness, freedom, common interest, family, survival, genes, species, reproduction, challenge, power, success, opinion of others, security, long life, eternal life, friends, companionship, comfort, order, chaos, pride, honour, purpose, legacy, religion, planet, beauty, justice, novelty, well-being, surfing

For me, after long consideration, I decided that the “good” for me is the 3Fs, Family, freedom and fun.


Their love, safety and well-being


Free time, free choices, free thoughts, free acts


Friends, sports, hobbies, travels, adventures, entertainments, achievements

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